About: Geraldine

Geraldine Taylor, the Renaissance woman behind the Geraldine’s Gallery, has been an artist and art collector for 46 years. She studied Commercial Art at Commerce High School in Ottawa, and later earned a B.A. in Fine Arts and Photography from the University of Ottawa. Throughout her career, Geraldine has worked as a performance artist, a visual artist, curator, and publisher – in 1983 she published Portfolio 83, a collection of original prints and multiples by Ottawa artists.

With an impressive art collection that contains about 2,000 pieces, Geraldine collects art the way some people collect stamps. She collects, categorizes, and places artistic works on the walls of her gallery, creating a fluid, ever-changing expression of creativity. Drawn to people with passion for art, Geraldine develops and nurtures long-term relationships that allow her to exhibit works than span an entire artist’s career.

Since moving to Kemptville in 1992, Geraldine has made a name for herself both as an artist and curator, and as a real estate agent.

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